What is Reiki?

Living in a fast-pace society requires us to equip ourselves with many tools to maintain a balanced mind, body and spirit. There are many methods we can use amongst daily exercise, healthy eating, yoga, meditation or chanting affirmations. Reiki healing is also an option that you can add to your selfcare planning.⠀

1. What is Reiki?⠀
Reiki (pronounced ray-kee) means sacred universal life force energy.⠀

2. What is Reiki Healing?⠀
Channeling universal life force energy to unblock and rebalance our internal energy.⠀

3. Benefits of Reiki⠀
• Improved energy levels⠀
• Promotes harmony and balance⠀
• Improves sleep patterns⠀
• Releasing tension and toxins⠀
• Improved mental awareness and relaxation⠀

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