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Which crystals belong to which color group?

Learning is a life journey and it never stops. If you’re new to crystals, let’s start by getting familiar with crystal names and the colors they fall into. There are many types of crystals and this list does not cover all the crystals that are available in the market place. Click here for more Fun Fact […]

What is Crystallography?

Have you ever wondered what the study of crystals is called? The scientific study of crystals is called Crystallography. Crystallography is the scientific study of crystal lattices and their formation. Salt crystals attracted the interest of a father and son duo who studied the formation and structure of salt crystals in 1913 using x-rays.

Where do we find large selenite crystals?

Did you know that Mexico’s largest crystal cave was discovered in April 2000? The crystals found there are around 500,000 years old and the main chamber contains giant selenite crystals! The cave was found at a depth of 300 meters (980 feet). It is also extremely hot, with air temperatures reaching up to 58 °C […]