The Magic by Rhonda Byrne

My Journey

This book has to be one of my all time favorites. I have bought it as a gift for many friends and colleagues numerous times. Now, you might be wondering what is so good about this book?

We live in a fast pace digital driven world and everything seems to come at a click of a button. Some of us grew up in an environment where things are so convenient that we start to take things for granted. We are happy when everything goes well until that one day when everything starts to go wrong. We start to question and wonder why things are happening to us. Is it really happening to us or is it happening for us? Is there a broader lesson for us to learn here. This was exactly my journey.

How to bring The Magic back

The Magic takes us back to basics, learning to how to recognise, acknowledge and be grateful for the abundance we have received since our birth. Rhonda Byrnes takes us through a 28 day journey of Magic Practice and shares how to bring The Magic back into our lives.

I personally did the 28 days of Magic Practice which are practical exercises that taught me how to be grateful. My energy and vibe changed after the first couple of days of practice. I was a much happier person knowing that I have another day of life, am loved and supported by the universe and my friends and family, knowing that I have received abundance in ways that I never thought of as the universe sending me my package. I am forever grateful for Rhonda and her team in writing this book.

To this day, I practice my daily gratitude and sharing what I have learned starting with my kids, family, friends and anyone whom I can help with the knowledge I have gained from The Magic! Lastly, I always recommend this book as a good read to anyone when I have the chance. Click on the Buy Button and own a copy of The Magic and share the love.

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Rhonda Byrnes takes us on a 28-day journey of Magic Practice and gratitude practices to bring The Magic and abundance back into our lives.

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