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Healing Properties: healing of emotions and the heart allowing self-discovery and honest expression of your truth aligns and connects the mind, body and spirit for peace and happiness grounds and connects you to the earth energies giving a sense of security and stability helps with manifestation (Note: it manifests the energy that is being projected […]


Healing Properties: aids in letting go of negative experiences assists in emotional healing brings understand and peace of mind elevates vibrational frequency and energies assists in reaching deeper states of meditation heightens awareness and insight


Healing Properties: helps balance emotions during stressful situations clears and calms the mind, giving clarity before making decisions or speaking teaches the value of self-expression, when to speak and when to remain silent

Blue Calcite

In general, Calcite is a powerful amplifier and cleanser of energy. Calcite helps connects the emotions with the intellect, allowing us to become aware of our own energies when interacting with others. HEALING PROPERTIES:– gentle stone for recuperation, cleans & re-energize the chakras– assist releasing negative emotions– aids clear communication through the Throat Chakra