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Ask and It is Given

My Journey I was listening to Louise Hays on YouTube wanting to make improvements to my life. She mentioned that Abraham is the best teacher on Earth. I started searching “Who is Abraham?”. In a few clicks, I am watching the teachings of Abraham. In this video, I got to know about this book called […]

The Magic by Rhonda Byrne

My Journey This book has to be one of my all time favorites. I have bought it as a gift for many friends and colleagues numerous times. Now, you might be wondering what is so good about this book? We live in a fast pace digital driven world and everything seems to come at a […]

What Do You See?

If you see that events are working against you, it will set off a chain of chemical reaction in your emotions. You may feel anxious, sad, angry or frustration, ie all the low vibrational frequency that leads to negativity. Always see the good in every situation and you will be at harmony with yourself and […]

Tiger Eye or Tiger Iron?

Tiger Iron is found in Western Australia. It is a mix of Hematite, Tiger’s Eye and red Jasper. Good for grounding, bringing stability and confidence, increases focus and determination to take action and complete a goal. With confidence brings creativity and courage to try new things.

Winter has arrived!

Winter has arrived. Remember to stay warm. Eat colorful foods to keep the energy strong and playful! Enjoyed lunch at Maa Kinn Bangkok Street Food. 😇 Feeling blessed. Looking forward to the weekend markets and having fun. 👏.