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What is a good crystal for achieving your goals?

Tiger’s Eye:1. instills integrity and correct use of personal power2. promotes self confidence, self esteem, self worth3. helps focus attention and taking action to accomplish goals

What happens when the Solar Plexus Chakra (Manipura) is out of balance and how do we rebalance it?

Our Solar Plexus Chakra governs our identity, personality, and how we interact with others. The Solar Plexus Chakra energy provides momentum for you to take action and realise your goals. When you have a balanced Solar Plexus Chakra you will feel calm, confident and have control of where you want to go in life. What […]

Crystals for Aries (21 Mar to 19 Apr)

Aries are passionate, adorable, popular, successful and admired by many. However, this may cause some insecurity for them, wondering how others view them. Aries are fully of vitality and enthusiasm, and may get bored and distracted easily. Crystals can help re-balance the positive energies of an Aries and bring balance concentration and harmony into their […]

Do you know what a Chevron Amethyst can do for you?

Chevron Amethyst– brings balance to the mind, body and spirit– a calming stone that bring clarity to the mind and stimulating our creativity– helps us become more focused and feeling less scattered– assists us in making logical and sensible decisions using our intellect and our intuition

What happens when the Sacral Chakra (Svadhisthana) is out of balance and how do we rebalance it?

Our Sacral Chakra governs our emotional and sensual part of our lives, and our interaction with others. The Sacral Chakra teaches us to enjoy life through our senses and passion. When you have a balanced Sacral Chakra you will feel confident with expressing your creative ideas and enjoying the pleasures of life. What happens when the sacral […]

Crystals for Pisces (19 Feb to 20 Mar)

Pisceans love to support others. and have a huge emotional capacity. However, with Neptune as a Ruling Planet, they sometimes become a little overwhelmed by other people’s feelings, and overlook their own needs. Crystals can help re-balance the positive energies of a Piscean and bring balance inner peace and harmony into their lives.

Do you know what Blue Calcite can do for you?

In general, Calcite is a powerful amplifier and cleanser of energy. Calcite helps connects the emotions with the intellect, allowing us to become aware of our own energies when interacting with others.

What happens when the Root Chakra (Muladhara) is out of balance and how do we rebalance it?

Our Root Chakra governs our way of survival, sense of security and place in society. The root chakra channels life force energy to the other chakras. When you have a balanced root chakra you will feel revitalised, grounded, in control, and at ease. What happens when the root chakra is out of balance and how […]

Quick Facts – Fluorite

Fluorite works on all levels , helps cleanse our energy field and aura to maintain balance and stability. Fluorite clears the mind of mental clutter and instills clarity and gives direction in our decision making. Click here for more Crystal Knowledge posts