What does reiki energy feel like?

Everyone has the ability to feel and channel reiki energy. You can have a go at the simple exercise shown in the picture 1 to feel the energy.
1. Take a few deep breaths and calm the mind.
2. Breathe normally, put your palms slightly apart, repeat steps 1 – 3 a few times.
3. You will slowly start to feel energy gather in your palm as you move in and out and some resistance.

You may also wonder what types of sensations you may experience during a reiki session. General descriptions of sensations felt are:
– warm or even hot
– tingling feeling like pins and needles
– waves and vibrations
– strong dense feeling
– heaviness or some light pressure in a particular area
– feeling light or floating
– nothing at all

Some main categories of benefits of reiki and chakra healing are:
– Improved energy levels
– Promotes harmony and balance
– Improves sleep patterns
– Releasing tension and toxins
– Improved mental awareness and relaxation

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