Our First Event at Sunday Discovery Market

Behind the Scenes leading up to 27 December, 2020

In preparation for our first experience at the Sunday Discovery Market, the Aspire team was really excited and at the same time anxious as we only had give or take 10 days to pull everything together!

We needed to take stock, price the products and prepare shout-out posts for social media. While there were many items to check off on our To Do List, we all remained focus on the outcome we wanted for 27 December, ie an awesome start!

The morning of the Sunday Discovery Market

On the 27 December, a few beautiful souls woke up at the wee hours (4.00 am) of that Sunday morning to head for the Sunday Discovery Market at Rocklea. The boxes of goods were loaded in the car and off we drove. In the horizon, the skyline was just starting to light up and the roads only had but a few cars.

We entered the gates to a bustling scene. All the stallholders were busy setting up. We found our place and work began. The products were carefully unloaded and unwrapped. Ticking off our checklist again, our very own handmade Crystal Tree of Life products, crystal beaded bracelets and necklaces, wire wrapped crystal pendant and other crystal products such as tumbled stones, geodes, points and clusters, chakra sets and many more were put on display. We had a bit of something for all ages.

A great team spirit and atmosphere helped set the scene for the day. We knew we were going to have a good day!

Our Experience…

Our team had a great day and met a lot of beautiful souls that Sunday. What made our day a success was the satisfaction and joy in connecting with the people who visited our stall and to know we had brought happiness to them when they connected with their crystals. That was the most important thing for us.

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Until we meet again, take care and have a great 2021!

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